Locally Owned and Family Owned Funeral Directors

Why locally owned or family owned matters?

Local character

Locally owned funeral directors live and work in their community, their business therefore will reflect the true local flavour with no pressures from a head office in another country.

Family owned funeral homes generally have long established relationships in their communities. When you call a family owned funeral company you can be assured you are dealing with a company that has had many generations working in the funeral profession. While the owners may not live within your community, they are NZ owned and they have the experience and understanding of what families are faced with in arranging an appropriate funeral for the person who has died.

Community well-being

Locally owned and family owned funeral directors know that the decisions they make affect the community they live in. You will be dealing with a funeral director who cares about what happens in their community.

Locally owned decision making

Any decision that has to be made will be made by people who live in your community, these decision makers feel the impact of those decisions. Compared with overseas directors of a corporation who may never even visit your community.

Keeping dollars in your community

Compared with an overseas corporation, locally owned or family owned funeral homes recycle a larger share of their money back into the local community.



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